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Training Tracker and SmartTalent

Training of employees is simultaneously both strategically critical, and an administrative headache. DataWright’s Training Tracker application makes the process of recording and managing training related data easy and cost effective. Since it operates in Microsoft Excel, there are no annual license fees and it can be customized by anyone with a good knowledge of Excel and VBA.

Developed in conjunction with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership as part of their SmartTalent program (, the SmartTalent system can help you maximize the potential of your human resources.

Download the Training Tracker manual at

Time Tracker

Do you need to track time spent on projects/tasks/clients/etc. for business or personal needs?  If you do, then DataWright’s Excel-based Time Tracker application may be helpful for you.  Simply add your categories to track your time on to the list, click start when you start a task, stop when you’re done, and add notes to detail what you were doing.  The free download is available at