I’ve utilized Tracy many times for my six sigma training needs.  He has both the formal statistical education and real-world experience to convey highly technical information in a common-sense manner, and is fun and easy-going in front of the classroom.  I highly recommend him!

Jack BenhamPresidentETI Group

We had always relied on our operators to make the decision about the best machine combinations to use.  As we brought in more varied technology, we eventually ended up with nine different machine combinations and the operators had to consider seven different part attributes to make the decision.  With this many combinations, errors were frequent.

Tracy helped us create an Excel based tool which posed simple yes/no questions to the operators, and from their answers, chose the best machine option.  Additionally, we included a part number based exception log which selected the exception if one existed.  This both cut down on errors and sped up the decision-making process.

The learning experience was invaluable and enabled us to use this type of decision platform is several other processes in our manufacturing facility.  Tracy is a fantastic teacher!  He shows a high level of competence with a high level of patience to be able to break the lessons down to a level which can be absorbed from a first-time user.  Tracy continued support, even after project end, shows his dedication to his customers and the life cycle of learning.  I very much look forward to working with Tracy on future projects.

Kevin BeattieProcess EngineerTTM Technologies, Inc.

Tracy has the great combination of a problem-solving mindset and the tools to do it right: strong statistics/six-sigma ability, an engineering background, and expert data analysis and Excel spreadsheet skills.

John HuntSenior ConsultantOregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership

It’s one of the most dynamic spreadsheets I’ve ever used. It truly is an amazing piece of work.

Rusty CochraneManufacturing EngineerA.R.E. Manufacturing

Tracy worked with us to analyze our historical inventory levels and determine appropriate stock levels for each of our products. We then combined these targets with the work content data in our value stream map to create a build-to-stock order scheduling tool. He linked the outcome to our bill of materials to generate a pick list and traveler that went with the order. The traveler included expected build times so that we could compare to actual build times and chart our performance level. With this tool, we freed up management to work on other things and provided a basis for improvement.

I was impressed with Tracy’s ability to tackle and resolve the myriad of challenges presented and collaboratively build trust with the team. I most appreciated his positive outlook and ability to convey his thoughts on challenging issues. Tracy would be a true asset for any project requiring an experienced data analyst and Excel creator, and comes with my sincerest recommendation.

Mike LoCascioMaterials ManagerSam Medical Products