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DataWright’s Excel Autodelete

DataWright’s Excel Autodelete program can be added to any Excel file to control how long a user has access to the file. The file’s owner specifies the time period for the access and after the allotted time has passed, the program removes all specified sheets from the file. Once the code executes and the sheets are deleted, they cannot be recovered; copies of the file will contain the same code. The owner can specify the privileges the user has during the time that they have access.

Although no application is hack-proof, this program uses multiple passwords, other measures, and a good dose of trickery, to ensure that only a skilled and determined person will be able to access the information after the specified date. If this isn’t secure enough, Excel probably isn’t the right place for your data.

The price for this application is $350, which includes up to two hours of customization for your file. Additional customization is available at standard rates. Contact us to discuss this product.

Click on the button below to download a sample file which shows the functionality.

Training Tracker

News reports abound with reporting of U.S. worker’s skills shortage, and the options that businesses face to deal with the situation are limited: fail to grow due to worker limitations, pay increasing market rates to hire already trained people, or grow your own workforce. DataWright, in partnership with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership, developed the Smart Talent Training Tracker tool to help manage the most proactive of these options: developing your workforce.

The Smart Talent tool runs in Microsoft Excel, but it is much more than a spreadsheet; it is a software application. Since it operates in Microsoft Excel, there are no annual licensing fees and it can be modified by anyone familiar with Excel and VBA; the code is not proprietary. The application was developed with common business practices in mind, but is also set up so that custom fields and reports can easily be added. Download the user manual to see how it works in detail.

All information is entered in a single location using defined tables, and then referenced elsewhere to ensure consistency. Reports ensure that understanding the training status of person or department is easy and intuitive, and a visual dashboard allows for easy management and monitoring. Contact DataWright, or OMEP if you are located in Oregon, to discuss this product.

Pricing options include Application, Manual, & all documented code:

  • Option 1 – 4 free hours of customization or training = $2000
  • Option 2 – 15 hours of customization or training = $3500
  • Option 3 – 30 hours of customization or training = $4800

View/Download Manual

Individuals SPC Application

For many small companies, or any company with only a small SPC need, a true SPC software package can seem unnecessarily expensive. This application allows you to track up to three individual variables at no cost and multiple versions of the file can be created for more variables.

The program allows you to log the data along with associated notes, and it visually identifies any OOC points at both the data entry field and in the automatically created control charts. In addition to the three-standard deviation violation, it also identifies eight rules in total including trends, three different runs, over-control, stratification, and mixture violation. The user can control which rules are applied along with the number of points displayed on the control charts.

If you’d like more variables accommodated in one file, or any other customization, please contact me.

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Time Tracker Tool

This program tracks time spent on activities, clients, projects, or any categories that you wish. Select the category that the time applies to, click start when you begin, stop when you finish, and enter any notes that are associated with the time spent.

Creative thinking can find many applications for this tool. I use it to track my billable time on client’s project to the fraction of an hour with little effort. By adding the project’s revision number to the notes, along with the activities I spent the time on, it also easily accommodates revision control. Other potential uses include time studies for value stream mapping, accounting for office worker’s time, collecting data for developing activity models, etc.

If you would like a modification to the program for your own specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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